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22-Mar-2016 Roland DG World’s Best Seller of Wide-Format Printers

Sydney, Australia, March 22, 2016 – Roland DG Corporation today announced that the company was again recognised as the leading wide-format printer manufacturer in the durable graphics market for 2015 in a recent report compiled by InfoTrends.

According to the InfoTrends 2015 Quarterly Wide-Format Tracking Shipping report, Roland DG shipped more units than any other manufacturer in the 30-inch and up category. The study suggests price point and technology type are key factors driving global demand for Roland DG products and enabling the company to achieve this level of continued leadership.

The InfoTrends product tracker is considered a reliable source of sales information. “Our data shows that Roland DG is the leading seller of wide-format durable graphics printers in 2015, as they have been for many years prior,” noted Steve Urmano, InfoTrends analyst for the wide-format printing market.

The InfoTrends report covers all four reporting quarters in 2015 and takes into consideration all wide-format inkjets 30-inches wide and larger, priced under $50,000 USD, including solvent and latex ink technologies considered to be the largest segments of the wide-format digital printing market.

“We are thrilled, but not surprised, to learn that Roland DG remains the leader in worldwide sales within this market,” said Eli Keersmaekers, president of global sales for Roland DG Corporation. “Especially in today’s competitive landscape, with manufacturers introducing alternative solutions, this achievement shows that our technology continues to offer the best combination of quality, durability, and overall return-on-investment. Add to that our industry-best service, support and reseller channels, and it’s clear why we continue to be the top choice.”

The report by InfoTrends follows Roland DG’s recent introduction of several new wide-format models: TrueVIS VG series printer/cutters which introduce new core technology and innovative features to Roland DG’s leading eco-solvent technology; the SOLJET EJ-640, an eco-solvent printer that combines outstanding print speed and image quality with low running costs; the Texart XT-640, a dye-sublimation printer designed for high-volume production; and the VersaUV LEF-300 UV-LED, the largest addition to Roland DG’s LEF series of benchtop UV flatbed printers.

“Roland DG is committed to continuously innovating and providing products that meet the high demands of graphics professionals around the world,” noted Keersmaekers. “Users know they can count on Roland DG products to deliver unmatched versatility, performance and reliability day in and day out. Our customers also know that we will be with them every step of the way, ensuring that they get the most out of their products. That’s what differentiates us from the competition.”

About InfoTrends

InfoTrends is the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the imaging, document solutions, production print, and digital media industries. We provide insights and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and grow their business.

For more information, please visit

08-Mar-2016 Roland DG Announces Launch of TrueVIS VG Series Printer/Cutters

Sydney, Australia, March 8, 2016 - Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer/cutters worldwide, today announced the launch of the TrueVIS VG-640/540 64” (1625mm) and 54” (1371mm) printer/cutters, a new generation of advanced wide-format, eco-solvent inkjet printer/cutters to be released under the TrueVIS brand name.

According to Gino Farina, Roland DG Australia Sales & Marketing Director, the TrueVIS brand expands Roland DG’s technical capabilities in ink formulation, print head design, precision control, and firmware engineering, resulting in far greater flexibility for Roland DG customers moving forward. “We will now be able to match the most appropriate head technology to each application and market that we serve, delivering the best available solutions to all of our users,” said Farina.

The VG series represents Roland DG’s most advanced printer/cutters ever. Farina states, “Our goal was to provide an innovative, state-of-the-art solution for our customers’ businesses, while delivering optimum production capability for a vast array of signs and graphics. VG printer/cutters are the ideal tool for producing indoor and outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics, banners, posters and displays, labels and decals, packaging prototypes, apparel heat transfers and more.”

TrueVIS VG series printer/cutters are equipped with four newly developed Roland DG FlexFire print heads which more flexibly control the metallic plate attached to the ink chamber, for a higher firing frequency. The FlexFire print heads also deliver precision droplet placement in three sizes, and an approx. 25% wider print swath compared to previous Roland DG models. Farina said, “The combination of the new FlexFire head and new TrueVIS INK – engineered specifically for the print heads – delivers stunning fine details and vibrant colours at a production speed of 10.6m2 per hour in High Quality mode on vinyl and up to 34.8m2 per hour on banner in dual CMYK ink configuration*1.”

The VG-640/540 also offers seven-colour (CMYK plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black) or eight-colour (CMYKLcLmLk plus White*2) ink configurations. White ink provides excellent opacity for transparent window graphics while Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black offer smooth gradations, perfect skin tones and beautiful images.

The VG-640/540 uses new GREENGUARD Gold certified TrueVIS INK which comes in cost-effective 500ml pouches that fit neatly into reusable cartridges that slide into a hidden ink bay for clean operation with less waste. In dual CMYK configuration, up to one litre of ink can be loaded for each colour, ideal for high-volume, unattended production.

New Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software – included with the VG – features a new core engine that accurately interprets native PDFs as well as legacy PostScript files, including files with transparencies. The precision cutting mechanism of the VG-640/540 is adopted from Roland DG’s latest cutting advancements, facilitating reliable contour cutting of complex designs, and expanding the range of possible applications such as cutting thick materials for laminated floor signs.

The VG-640 and VG-540 are also designed to be easier to use than other similar devices. The newly developed Roland DG Mobile Panel allows users to perform control panel functions with their existing smartphones or tablets with iOS or Android operating systems, utilising a Bluetooth connection. This innovative new feature provides a rich interface either directly on, or remotely in range of the VG, enabling operators to receive machine status updates as well as make adjustments and conduct test printing and cleaning functions from their mobile device. In addition, newly featured LED lights boost visibility inside the printer, making it easier to check printing status and perform maintenance work, as well as providing colour-coded operation updates.

Finally, Farina said that the TrueVIS marks a new level of reliability and economy. “The optimised printing technology enables the VG to produce vibrant colour with low ink consumption and minimal electricity in comparison with alternative ink technologies. This results in a total savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the product.”

“Roland DG introduced eco-solvent wide-format printers and printer/cutters more than 10 years ago,” Farina said. “And they continue to be the number one choice for durable graphics worldwide. As a global leader, we recognised the need to continue moving the market forward which is why we developed the TrueVIS brand. The brand concept of TrueVIS,” Farina continued, “represents harnessing true precision and power – “VIS” in Latin – to bring our customers’ VISION to life, in order to achieve stunning VISUAL results. We believe the functionality of the VG series, combined with our extensive customer support – including Roland DG Care, Roland DG Creative Centre and Roland DG Academy – will lead to the expansion of our customers’ businesses and the entire industry.”

*1 For the VG-640 in dual CMYK ink configuration.
*2 White ink is scheduled to be available early in the second half of the year.

To learn more about Roland DG’s new TrueVIS VG-640 and VG-540, please visit:

29-Feb-2016 Roland DG Announces Leadership Changes

Sydney, Australia, February 29, 2016 – Roland DG Corporation has announced that
long-time Representative Director, Chairman and President Masahiro Tomioka will
step down from the position of President, and Hidenori Fujioka, Director and Executive
Vice President of the company, will assume that role. Tomioka will continue as
Representative Director, Chairman of the company.

The change is subject to the resolution at the Ordinary General Meeting of
Shareholders for the 35th Business Term and the following Board of Directors’ meeting,
both to be held on March 24, 2016.

During his thirty-year tenure as President, Tomioka spearheaded the transformation of
Roland DG from a manufacturer of pen plotters to 3D desktop fabrication tools, vinyl
cutters and wide-format inkjet printers while achieving worldwide sales leadership
with high profitability. To ensure future sales growth, he recently tapped into the
company’s inkjet and 3D technologies to expand into the on-demand digital printing and
health care industries. He was also responsible for promoting the company’s innovative
GlobalOne plan, which unified R&D with sales and marketing as one group and 
leveraged the company’s talent globally to respond faster to market changes.

The announcement comes as Roland DG implements a new mid-term business plan
for 2016-2020 and a new organisational structure to facilitate new business
development. “As we look toward the next thirty years, we aim to use the GlobalOne
platform to drive sustainable growth and create multiple pillars of business to meet
the needs of the coming era,” Tomioka said. “I believe Fujioka’s extensive knowledge
of industry-leading technologies and his track record of creating high-value solutions
for a wide variety of markets will allow the company to quickly adapt its business
model and accelerate its growth.”

Since joining Roland DG, Fujioka has earned acclaim for strengthening and diversifying
the company’s ink, inkjet print head, 3D and UV technologies to enable the company to
quickly develop a variety of new products and solutions that deliver added value.

“These are exciting times at Roland DG and I am honored to serve as President,”
Fujioka said. “Roland DG offers a sophisticated product line with a passionate culture
and family spirit. While upholding its corporate culture and spirit, I intend to turn
the company into a more progressive and innovative organisation to achieve
sustainable growth.” Fujioka added. “My goal is to shift our business to a new digital
era model that will serve as a foundation for the next big leap in growth by
capitalizing on our GlobalOne business platform. Together, we will unlock the
full potential of our employees worldwide in order to realise new market creation
with products and services that exceed customer expectations.”

Fujioka joined the company in 2014 from RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION, a
manufacturer of copying and printing machines, where, as Director, he oversaw the
development of the world’s fastest color inkjet cut sheet printers along with advanced
technological features tailored specifically for business needs. Previously, he worked for
Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) for 25 years, including 6 years as President of its subsidiary,
SII Data Service Corp., where he oversaw the integration of profitable service
components to core offerings, such as providing support services for terminals that meet
payment settlement needs. As President for SII Printek Inc., another subsidiary of SII
and a manufacturer of inkjet print heads, he succeeded in making the company
profitable within the first year. He also worked for four years as the Vice President of
product management of Seiko Instruments USA, a sales subsidiary of SII, as well as
Vice President of product development for Seiko Instruments Development, the US
software development subsidiary of SII.
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