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Heatwave Sublimation Ink

Textile & Fabric Signage Solutions

Soft Signage involves using printing on fabric or textile media for signage and display. It has become widely popular with a wide varieties of fabrics that can be printed by eco-solvent, UV and aqueous inks just like printing PVC and paper. The most popular fabric is polyester with different thickness and texture for many different applications such as banners, exhibition signage and textile solutions. Cotton and canvas are also becoming popular especially for photo realistic indoor graphics and art display. In addition to the these applications, fabric media has certain environment benefits over traditional PVC based media.

Most PVC based medias used for sign graphics and digital printing contain chemical components that pollute the environment. Many of these materials do not easily degrade and cannot be recycled. On the other hand, most of fabrics do not contain harmful chemical components and do not generate environmental wastage. Fabrics degrade much faster and can be also recycled. In addition to the environmental benefits, fabric medias offer brilliant colour and are much lighter and flexible than PVC for handling, hanging and transport, and yet are strong enough to replace big billboard banners.

As well as standard eco-solvent or UV printing for fabric, sublimated textiles are growing rapidly in popularity. Sublimated prints are easily transferred to polyester fabric for vibrant flags, banners and textiles that preserve the fabric’s natural drape and texture. Featuring eight piezo inkjet print heads, the 74" Roland Hi-Fi Express FP-740 produces stunning graphics from custom-formulated, clog-free Heatwave SBL2 sublimation inks. Roland also offers the VersaArt RS-640S printer in a 64” sublimation model featuring Heatwave SBL2 sublimation inks.

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  • Heatwave Sublimation Ink

    Developed exclusively for use with the BU-2 high capacity ink system for Roland’s FP-740 and VersaArt sublimation printers, Roland’s newest and most advanced HeatWave ink images exceptionally well on lightweight, flexible fabrics for vivid colour flags, banners and textiles that are easy to handle, inexpensive to ship, and safe to install.

    HeatWave SBL2 ink produces rich, high-density colours and dries quickly. Its advanced formulation creates a very fine dot pattern for maximum ink transfer to the final fabric. As a result, graphics sublimated with HeatWave SBL2 reflect flawless, even ink coverage and deep, vivid colours with absolutely no banding.

    Feature Summary

    • Advanced HeatWave SBL2 inks packaged in 1 litre bottles
    • Expanded colour gamut and greater durability
    • Lower cost per square meter
    • Higher transfer efficiency
    • Intelligent Ink Monitoring System
    • Developed exclusively for Roland sublimation printers
    • Requires high-capacity ink systems
    • Bottles are hot-swappable for long, uninterrupted print runs
    • 1-Litre SBL2 Ink Bottles

      FPG2 InkHeatWave SBL2 sublimation ink is available in four colours (CMYK) and packaged in 1 litre (1000 cc) bottles. Each ink bottle is labeled with the packing date and lot number for easy reference.

    • Enhanced Colour Gamut and Durability

      SBL2 graphics reflect outstanding colour saturation and print quality for long-lasting durability. As a result, FP-740 graphics look great up close and at a distance for display both indoors and outdoors.

    • Cost Effective

      New SBL2 inks optimize the performance of the FP-740 and RS-640S while lowering overall production costs. SBL2 inks cost an average of just $1.36/sqmt - $0.86/sqmt for low saturation images and $2.00/sqmt for high saturation images.

    • High Transfer Efficiency

      SBL2 prints with an ultra-fine dot pattern for maximum ink transfer to the final fabric. As a result, the FP-740 produces flawless sublimated graphics with even ink coverage and deep, rich colours – and absolutely no banding.

    • Intelligent Ink Monitoring System

      Every SBL2 ink bottle features an IC Chip that allows shops to maintain a seamless workflow throughout high-volume production. This Intelligent Ink Monitoring System monitors ink levels and prompts users when levels run low. A clear LED display makes it easy to track ink usage.

      The SBL2 IC Chip also identifies the ink colour and type, and records a variety of information including times and dates of insertion and production runs. Additionally, the IC chip features an error/empty flag.

    • High Capacity Ink Systems

      The optional HeatWave BU-1 high-capacity ink system was designed exclusively for the FP-740 74” sublimation printer and HeatWave SBL2 sublimation inks. Ideal for high-volume shops, this advanced HeatWave solution supports long, unattended production runs and delivers outstanding colourfastness to FP-740 sublimated graphics.

      SBL2 inks are also used on the new 64" VersaART RS-640S sublimation solution, fitted with the BU-2 ink delivery system for soft signage, apparel and decor.

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